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TAFE Western, Chinese nurses partnership builds skills

Author: Faye Wheeler, Daily Liberal - April 04 2019

Nurses from one of the biggest cities in the world have visited a Dubbo aged care home as a new partnership opens up an exchange of skills and expertise.

TAFE Western and Renji Hospital in Shanghai are working together as China experiences unprecedented demand for aged care services.

TAFE NSW has delivered training to 60 nurses at the Chinese hospital to build on their extensive knowledge.

Exchange: (From left) Registered nurses 'Maggie' Wuminjie, 'SJ' Shi Jie, 'Julie' Zhu Li and 'Liliana' Yang Li learn about equipment used in Australia with TAFE Western's Alannah Fraser and Holy Spirit Dubbo manager Annie Chida.

This week a delegation of 10 experienced registered nurses flew into Australia to visit Dubbo and Orange to learn more about best practices through hands-on tours.

It comes after 40 students from across TAFE Western spent two weeks undertaking clinical observations at Renji Hospital.

On Wednesday the Chinese delegation made the most of opportunities to learn during a visit to Holy Spirit Dubbo, a Catholic Healthcare aged care facility.

"They're extremely interested in the fact we do what we call holistic care, where we look at the spiritual and emotional and mental health side of people, not just their physical requirements," TAFE NSW aged care teacher at Dubbo Alannah Fraser.

"Including that we encourage people to bring things in from their homes, like their favourite chair or their photos of their grandkids, they think that's awesome.

"They were interested in a lot of the equipment they're using here, lifters and the buzzers the clients can wear around their neck if they're prone to falls, so they can get help quickly."

Nurse Julie Zhu Li said they wanted to contribute to international nursing and learn more about the Australian medical system.

She thanked their hosts and said their wish was to make more cooperation between the two countries.

A trip to Taronga Western Plains Zoo is on the itinerary for Saturday.