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Enriching My Life

Laura, Catholic Healthcare’s Home and Community Services client has enjoyed her summer a little more than usual this year.

Prior to suffering a stroke 11 years ago, Laura had been a matron at a country hospital in regional New South Wales. Laura’s changed circumstances left her mostly confined to a wheelchair and requiring full-time ongoing care from her son.

“My son has his hands full and my daughter who lives in Orange comes to visit every six weeks, but we don’t have much of a network here in Newcastle,” says Laura.

Enter Catholic Healthcare’s Home and Community Services and Care Worker, Angela.

 “I’ve been with Catholic Healthcare for five years now. My carers have included, Meghan, Audrey and now Angela. Angela helps with my personal care on Tuesday mornings and hydro on Fridays. It’s a very good service. Without Catholic Healthcare, things would be very hard and I’m very lucky to have their assistance,” she adds.

Laura has a Level 4 Home Care Package through the Government, which gives her access to a range of services including transport to hydrotherapy class on Fridays and daily personal care. This takes the pressure off her family knowing their mother is in safe hands.

“Transport, yes. Personal care, a shower in the morning, yes. But Catholic Healthcare’s carers do a lot more. If they see my house is a little untidy, they jump in to help which is nice,” says Laura.

Through her Home Care Package, Laura also has access to a MyCH computer tablet, Catholic Healthcare’s hand held digital device. This allows Laura to to manage her services, communicate with her Care Advisor and family, and browse the internet.

Laura is thankful for all the help she receives as it gives her a chance to do the things that she loves.

“Catholic Healthcare has been great. I couldn’t say anything better about them. A lot of people don’t have packages, so you’ve got to be grateful. I’m lucky to be here in Newcastle with people that I love. We’re lucky to be able to rent this house. It’s in an amazing spot and so close to the beach. We go there most days and it gives me an opportunity to use my pastel’s and paint,” she says.