Healthy Eating and Drinking

Eat well for good health.

We provide a variety of services to help you enjoy balanced and nutritious meals at home. Our professional and friendly staff can assist with the guidance and practical assistance you need to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle.

From advice on diet and nutrition through to help with food shopping and cooking, our caring staff can help make eating well an enjoyable part of every day.

Meal preparation and cooking

We provide a range of meal and food preparation services so you can select the options that suit you best.

You may choose to enjoy cooking for yourself with a companion in the kitchen, or you may wish to have your meals delivered to your home. Alternatively, you might like the opportunity to join others for a meal, or you might simply need a little help to heat up a meal. Whichever service you choose, our friendly and experienced staff can help.

Meal preparation services we provide include:

  • Cooking
  • Shopping (either assisted or with a list)
  • Heating up a prepared meal
  • Washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen
  • Preparing multiple meals and freezing them for later
  • Monitoring food expiry dates
  • Company whilst eating
  • Support and assistance with transport to eat out

Dietician assessments and consultations

If you or someone you care for isn't eating as well as they should, Catholic Healthcare can assist. We can organise an experienced dietician to visit you at home to talk with you and assess you dietary needs. As part of the dietician’s assessments and consultations, they can arrange a meal plan for you customised for your individual needs.

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