Join the Consumer Advisory Body

As a member of our Catholic Healthcare community, we invite you to join the Consumer Advisory Body, to provide our Board with feedback and ensure your voice is heard. You will be joined by other members and asked to consider the care and services we provide so we can continually improve.

Members will be asked to discuss:

What is quality care?

What is important to your community?
How are we performing?

How can I take part?

Click the button below to access the Online Form. Just fill in your details and we will let you know in November whether you have been selected. If you don’t get chosen immediately, we welcome your submission again next year.

Register Here



What will be involved if I join?

You will be asked to meet with the other Advisory Body members online, twice a year. In these meetings you will be the voice of our Catholic Healthcare community. After each meeting, a report will be provided to the Catholic Healthcare Board and in return, they will report back to you any changes that have been implemented.

An online training session will be conducted with Advisory Body members before their first meeting. This training will assist you with how to participate effectively during the meetings. We ask that you commit to a 1 year term on the Advisory Body, although you are able to resign at any time.  If you are currently in our care and require assistance to join, we will ensure a team member is available to help you get started.


Who is able to join?

People like you! Members from all backgrounds are welcome to join; diversity means that all consumers are represented. We will be selecting up to 50 members, however those subject to Aged Care or NDIS banning orders are not eligible to join.

Each year, new members will be selected to join the Advisory Body to ensure a range of perspectives are included from our Catholic Healthcare community.


If I don’t get in, does that mean my voice isn’t heard?

No, the Consumer Advisory Body is only one way to provide Catholic Healthcare with feedback. You can click here to provide feedback at any time, in addition to the regular surveys we send out. We also hold regular resident and client meetings where feedback is always welcome.


Is this the same as the Quality Care Advisory Body?

The Quality Care Advisory Body is different to the Consumer Advisory Body.

The Quality Care Advisory Body comprises a small number of residents, clients, representatives, staff and management who meet together to consider very specific issues in the delivery of care and services.  Their feedback is contained in a report to the Catholic Healthcare Board. The Board must consider the report and provide feedback to the Quality Care Advisory Body.

Members of the Quality Care Advisory Body will be required to undertake some pre-reading before each meeting and comments on any issues arising. Members are appointed for two years and meetings are held on-line.  

If you would like to be considered for inclusion, please indicate when applying to take part in the Consumer Advisory Body