Trustees of Catholic Healthcare

Catholic Healthcare was canonically established as a Ministerial Public Juridic Person (MPJP) by the Bishops of the Province of Sydney on 21 July 1994.

Our responsibilities are set out in the Canon Law Statutes of Catholic Healthcare. The governance of our MPJP is entrusted to the Trustees (Canonical Stewards), who are elected by the Members (Sponsors) and who are responsible in Canon Law for the ownership and governance of the ministries of Catholic Healthcare.

The Trustees key obligations and responsibilities are:

  1. To witness our purpose to the healing ministry of Jesus, in ensuring human wellbeing is affirmed in the service to those entrusted to our care.
  2. To affirm the maintenance of the Catholic identity of Catholic Healthcare while embracing the diversity in faiths and charisms in Australia.
  3. To steward the purpose and direction of Catholic Healthcare as sole member in appointing the Board as leaders of the mission. 

The Trustees fulfil these responsibilities through the exercise of the reserve powers contained within Catholic Healthcare Limited’s Constitution.


Catholic Healthcare Limited (CHL) Governing Body

Catholic Healthcare Limited (Catholic Healthcare) is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in 1994 under the Corporations Act. Its overall governance and management have been entrusted to the Board by its sole member, the Trustees of Catholic Healthcare, a statutory body corporate created under the Roman Catholic Church Communities’ Lands Act (NSW) 1942 (Trustees).

The Catholic Healthcare Board is responsible for governing Catholic Healthcare’s overall performance in the provision of safe and quality aged care services, relevant and appropriate for our time. The Board oversees the provision of care by Catholic Healthcare and is assisted by various Board Committees and advisory bodies, such as the Quality Care Advisory Body.

Catholic Healthcare regularly seeks ways to listen to the voice of our customers and improve its structures, systems, and processes to fulfil our mission and to ensure that the organisation is effective in delivering safe and quality aged care for our time.