Our Mission and Values

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Our Mission

We promote the dignity, life and spirituality of older people through connected and inclusive communities.

The Mission of Catholic Healthcare expresses the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Our service to Australia's ageing community reflects the love and compassion defined by Jesus in the story of the Good Samaritan. We uphold the intrinsic dignity of all we serve by focusing on holistic person-centered care that fosters living life to the full. This Mission continues the tradition of providing care and support to people of all faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities.

We fulfill this Mission every day by:

  • Providing quality holistic person-centered care for all residents and clients
  • Building workplaces where employees are welcomed and supported
  • Offering pastoral care to those we serve
  • Providing care for the vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • Delivering ongoing reflection and development for employees to apply our Mission and Values in their daily work
  • Responding to the increasing needs of Australia's ageing society
  • Ensuring our ethical approach is consistent with the social justice principles of the Catholic Church
  • Incorporating traditions and symbols that reflect our Catholic heritage
  • Using our resources responsibly
  • Ensuring our behaviours reflect the Values of Courage, Compassion, and Integrity

Catholic Healthcare is committed to fulfilling this Mission with integrity, transparency and accountability, expressed through employee interactions with those they serve and with each other

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Our Values

Central to the way we interact with our residents, clients, and each other, are our three values of Courage, Compassion and Integrity.

Our values are what drive us to assist our people in finding their own sense of personal fulfilment, independence and belonging. The values of our organisation are reflected in our staff, programs of care, attitude, and everything we do.

Our values of courage, compassion and integrity represent the core of our organisation.

Whether it is helping a client with tasks around the house, providing engaging activities in our aged care Homes or providing quality palliative care for people, and supporting families in their time of need, our values guide our behaviour.    

  • Courage
    Courage is our commitment to stand up for the welfare and interests of every person in our care, as well as our colleagues.
    It is our dedication to do what is right with confidence, despite the challenges that face us and others each day.
  • Compassion
    Compassion is our commitment to be present: to fully hear and appreciate how someone else is feeling. It is our response to suffering that says you are not alone and moves us to meet each person's needs with genuine respect, understanding and kindness.
  • Integrity

    Integrity is our commitment to being authentic, trustworthy, and dependable, acting honestly and sincerely in everything we do.  It is always doing the very best we can in the care and support of others and always speaking the truth with respect and kindness.

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Our Symbol

Our symbol is a dove pictured in mid-flight and represents a number of different aspects of our organisation’s Heritage, Mission and Values.

It is a symbol of the coming of the  Holy Spirit which gives life and continues to inspire our Mission at Catholic Healthcare. 

The dove is recognised as a universal symbol of  hope  and comfort. The origins of its meaning are traced back to Scriptures, beginning with the story of Noah and the great flood (Genesis 8:10-11). The Dove returning with an olive branch was the hope of the floods receding and life beginning again. And as a symbol of the presence of God in the baptism of Jesus and the event of Pentecost.