Cancellations / Rescheduling

  • We understand that sometimes things happen, and you might need to cancel your service. To avoid a cancellation fee, please cancel your service 48 hours before the scheduled time. You can do so using the Catholic Healthcare App or by contacting our friendly and qualified customer service team.

  • Sometimes things come up that are beyond our control, and your usual community worker may not be able to work their shift, for example due to illness. If this happens, we will try to find a replacement community worker to visit you and we will do our best to provide you with two hours’ notice.

    If your service needs to be rescheduled to an alternate day, we will discuss this with you before booking the service in.

  • Where this is possible, we will try to reschedule your usual community worker to an alternate time. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and in this instance, we will organise another one of our friendly community workers to visit you.

  • We understand that a change in time can be a major disruption for you and so if the rescheduled service time is more than 15 minutes outside of the original time, you’re welcome to cancel at no cost.

    If the rescheduled service time is within 15 minutes of the original time, or if you don’t want to use an alternate community worker, you can cancel but you’ll be charged the full service fee.

  • It is easy to reschedule your service! You can use the Catholic Healthcare App or contact our friendly and qualified Customer Service team.

  • Because we roster community workers well in advance, we’d ask you to please tell us of any changes as soon as possible. To avoid cancellation fees, you’ll need to provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

Additional or New Services

  • We’ll do our best to get your new service in place as soon as possible, but it does take some time to organise. For this reason, we ask clients to communicate their requirements by providing notice of five days – unless it’s for a one-off transport service in which case it can be arranged within two business days.


Brokered Services

Buddy Services

  • At Catholic Healthcare, we’re committed to constantly training and developing our staff and improving our services to ensure we are providing the best possible experience for our clients. So, sometimes, staff will accompany community workers on buddy shifts to receive training. Just like our community workers, buddy workers will have Catholic Healthcare identification.

Service Flexibility

  • Like most services, a time window is provided. Our community workers will always do their best to make their booking on time but occasionally delays can occur, such as unexpected traffic and trouble finding parking. If your community worker is running behind (or in front) of schedule by more than 30 minutes, you’ll be notified via SMS message to your mobile phone and via the Catholic Healthcare App.

    Please note that for time-critical services such as medication, our community workers will always do their best to be on time.

  • Our community workers are skilled at providing support with a variety of basic tasks, such as light housekeeping, but please understand their services may not match that of professional service providers, such as professional cleaners or gardeners.

    Please understand they will do their best but if you have helpful feedback, don’t hesitate to raise it with them directly. If you’d like more help with the situation, you can call our friendly Customer Service team to talk it through.

  • While community workers are booked for a specific amount of time, we ask clients to allow some degree of flexibility. We would ask you to allow 5-10 minutes of the total service time for administrative tasks related to your service, such as providing feedback. If you feel you need to raise any concerns, please do so with your community worker directly or contact our friendly and qualified Customer Service team.