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Catholic Healthcare Supporting Seniors to Live Life on Their Terms

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Jane Dobrovits, Care Advisor for the Northern Sydney region, shares two recent stories of how Catholic Healthcare is supporting seniors to live life on their terms, so they continue living life to the full.

At Catholic Healthcare, we offer our clients and their families a single trusted aged care provider and a continuum of care that cover’s every stage of life’s journey. We offer peace of mind, safety and security to help our clients as they age with all their care and accommodation needs, whether it be help at home, residential aged care, retirement living or respite.


Elsie is an 89-year old client who was receiving a home care package with Catholic Healthcare. “As a home care client, she would never entertain the idea of moving into a residential aged care home. Ever!” says Jane.

“Elsie was living in public housing in Marsfield but a couple of months ago there were plumbing issues in her unit and she had to be relocated for a week. Elsie chose to move into a serviced apartment across the road as it was close to home,” she adds.

“It quickly became apparent that the apartment was unsuitable for Elsie’s needs. She couldn’t even go down to the kitchen to have something to eat. Elsie was miserable and asked me for help.

“I started ringing around for alternate accommodation options and suggested a residential aged care home. By this stage, Elsie was desperate, cold and hungry.

“I rang our McQuoin Park Home in Wahroonga and given her circumstances, asked if they would they take Elsie for a week. McQuoin Park agreed and offered her a place.

“One of our Community Workers helped Elsie move into the Home and I took her to get a flu shot.

“The staff and residents at McQuoin Park were very friendly, welcoming and caring. They said to Elsie, if you like it here you can stay! So, she did just that. McQuoin Park offered Elsie a permanent concessional place in the Home.”

Elsie says, “It is such a beautiful place and better than any resort I have ever stayed in.”

“Elsie’s sons who live in Melbourne are over the moon and Elsie is extremely happy, grateful and delighted with her new home,” says Jane.

Pictured above is Elsie with Karen Sykes, Recreational Activities Officer, McQuoin Park


Ken, in his seventies, lives in the BaptistCare Willandra Retirement Village in Macquarie Park. He has a level 3 home care package with Catholic Healthcare and his services include personal care, cleaning and physiotherapy. Ken, never been married nor having children, has been living alone all his life.

“Ken recently had an operation and when he came home from hospital saw some marketing material from Catholic Healthcare promoting respite care,” says Jane.

“Ken approached me and said this year he didn’t want to be alone at home for Christmas. He wanted to go somewhere and be around people. He asked me about respite care at one of Catholic Healthcare’s residential aged care homes,” adds Jane.

“I made some enquiries and Ken is moving to George Mockler House in Mona Vale for four weeks over the Christmas period for respite care. Catholic Healthcare made it so easy. Ken is so excited, it will be the first time ever that he won’t be alone for Christmas.

“For Ken, respite care will mean being supported by 24/7 nursing staff, nutritious daily meals and comfortable air-conditioned rooms over summer. He will also be able to take advantage of the activities and outings provided at George Mockler House. The lifestyle team will plan and create innovative and meaningful activities that are fun and fulfilling and tailored to suit Ken’s needs and everyday interactions and social opportunities will ensure he has an opportunity to form meaningful friendships with other residents, staff and volunteers,” says Jane.

Ken is pictured above with Jane Dobrovits, Care Advisor, Home Care for Northern Sydney.

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