Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Safe, friendly, inclusive and free from judgement, our experienced team of Pastoral Care Practitioners and Volunteers can support you on life's journey.

Catholic Healthcare was strongly recommended to me by a social worker. I was very impressed by the representative and resulting support. I couldn't be happier.
Tony, Jan 2019

Our pastoral care services focus on healing, reconciling and sustaining the soul in times of loss or grief, and during stressful and difficult times.

Pastoral care is an integral part of our services. While we recognise that we are all called to be pastoral, Catholic Healthcare also recruits professionals in pastoral care, trained pastoral care volunteers and provides education for our staff within a context of pastoral care.

We provide dedicated pastoral care coordinators who offer guidance and spiritual comfort to anyone who needs it regardless of background, faith or belief system. We can come and sit with you and listen, take in what you have to say, and bring empathy, understanding and comfort to your situation.

You can access this service as part of a Government funded package. Our pastoral care team is staffed by coordinators and volunteers, specifically trained to help you. Call us on 1800 225 474 if you need to talk to one our trained coordinators or volunteers.

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