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Northern Sydney region awarded Home and Community Services Region of the Year 2019

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Catholic Healthcare is delighted to announce its Northern Sydney region was awarded the 2019 Home and Community Services Region of the Year at the annual Inspire Leadership Conference.

The team, which delivers Home Care services to clients living in the northern suburbs of Sydney, was recognised for their outstanding results in the areas of customer satisfaction, quality outcomes, people engagement and financial performance.

“Northern Sydney is one of our biggest regions,” said Therese Adami, General Manager, Home and Community, Catholic Healthcare. “The team has achieved a positive, consistent and balanced approach in all our key pillars including bringing to life our client promise, building a great place to work and growing our services to meet need. Notably, outstanding results were achieved in Client Satisfaction with an exceptional score of 90%.”

Some comments from satisfied clients include:

“Catholic Healthcare are so good to me, very kind. Diane, my Care Worker is the most comforting person. She helps me get ready for the day, does my ironing and mending, and is great for a chat. She has even painted my nails for my party this weekend.”

“The services provided by Catholic Healthcare have given my parents and me invaluable peace of mind. Thank you so much.”

Northern Sydney Regional Manager, Barbara Janczak said, “Thank you to my team for your continued commitment and dedication to our clients and our service, and achieving these outstanding results. This award recognises every employee who has made a difference to the clients we care for.”

The region offers Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programme services, and hosts many Wellness Centres focusing on health and wellbeing, independence, self-expression, and companionship.

The Northern Sydney team also partners with the Carioti MMA gym in Hornsby to offer a highly regarded boxing program for men and women diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Every aspect of the program is carefully designed to help people with Parkinson’s, from the yelling which helps maintain verbal ability to the big, long boxing movements, which help counter stiffness.

For more information on Catholic Healthcare’s Home Care services go to or call 1800 225 474.

Caption: Pictured from Catholic Healthcare are (from l-r) Niels Dempster, Head of Care Delivery; Therese Adami, General Manager, Home and Community Services; Barbara Janczak, Northern Sydney Regional Manager; and David Maher, Managing Director.