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Family Affair

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Working at The Haven Aged Care in Wagga Wagga is a family affair for Meredith and Michael.

It was at The Haven that the couple first met. Married soon after, they’ve been working together at The Haven, side by side.

“I’ve worked here for about 45 years, ever since I left school. I did a baker’s course for one night and then I got a job here. It’s been enjoyable this whole time,” explains Michael.

“I’ve worked here three separate times over the past 30 years. I’m the Care Manager at The Haven,” says Meredith.

Now they have been joined at The Haven by Meredith’s mother, father and aunty, all of whom reside at the Nan Roberts Community.

“Michael’s mum was here previously for 10 years. She passed away about a decade ago. My mum and dad live here now. My aunty was 92 and living alone and I helped her to move in just three months ago. They all live together now, and they couldn’t be happier,” adds Meredith.

Michael and Meredith feel lucky to have family so close by and grateful they are receiving quality care at The Haven. They both agree that it’s brought the family closer together.

According to Meredith, “My aunty Barbara could never come and visit us because she was living in Moss Vale, which is a five-hour drive away. The three of them haven’t seen each other for years because of their age and the distance. Now she’s here and they’re happy because they can see each other every day.”

Meredith says the decision to bring her parents to The Haven was easy.

“I wanted The Haven for them. The Haven has a good philosophy of care that looks after everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you have come from, whether you’re wealthy or poor, you get the same quality of care.”

Meredith’s parents are happy to see her so often and they are proud of the work she does.

“When we have an event or a get-together at The Haven, mum and dad always come. They love seeing me at work. They are very proud of both Michael and I. They are always saying ‘hey, that’s my daughter’ to the other residents,” says Meredith.



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