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At Catholic Healthcare, our focus is to promote the lives of each resident, client and patient while supporting their family members and our staff.


 All About You Brochure Cover

All About You - 2019 | Download pdf


Dove Tales


Dove Tales - Summer 2020 Edition Download pdf

 Dove Tales Spring 2019 Cover

Dove Tales - Spring Edition | Download pdf

Dove Tales - Winter Edition | Download pdf

Dove Tales - Autumn Edition | Download pdf

Dove Tales - Summer Edition | Download pdf


Annual Review

Annual Review 2018- 19 

View on browser | Download pdf



Annual Review 2017- 18 

View on browser | Download pdf

 Annual Review 2016-17

View in web browser | Download PDF (3.2KB)

Annual Review 2015 -16

View in web browser   | Download PDF (2.6KB)


Annual Review 2014 - 15 

Download PDF (2.8KB)





    • Residential Aged Care Referrer Guide
    • Community Services Referrer Guide


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