Our Mission and Values

Promoting life in all its fullness by providing aged, health and community services, inspired by the Catholic tradition.

Promoting life

The Christian tradition recognises the basic goodness of all people, and the need to appreciate the richness of life, including its spiritual dimensions. In essence, life's unique journey makes us who we are. At Catholic Healthcare, we seek to nurture each individual, promoting life to its full.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care is an integral part of our services. While we recognise that we are all called to be pastoral, Catholic Healthcare also recruits professionals in pastoral care, trains pastoral care volunteers and provides education for our staff within a context of pastoral care.

Our Values

Our values are what drive us to assist you in finding your own sense of personal fulfilment, independence and belonging. The values of our organisation are reflected in our staff, our programs of care, our attitude, and in everything we do.

Whether it is helping you with tasks around the house, providing palliative care, or supporting families in their time of need, our values guide our behaviour.

Compassion - When people are challenged, they look for support and people who understand their situation. Showing compassion for another person's situation is an essential element of holistic care.

Respect - Every person is unique; every person has their own life experiences and events that have formed the person they are today. We know that by respecting these experiences we can form a partnership that guides choice and care. Respect is indispensable if we are to deliver truly effective care.

Honesty -Honesty is being truthful, sincere and direct. There is little doubt that this is an essential element to providing quality care. It shows morals and preserves standards of integrity, involving active listening and open conversations.

Hospitality – Our services are unique and personalised; tailored to suit every client. We take the time to get to know you, where you've come from, what you've done in your life, what makes you happy and find out about the people who important to you. If there's a hobby you enjoy, we'll do our best to provide it, and if you're worried about anything, we're here to help ease your concerns. You are our guest.

Excellence - Excellence is ensuring that our services are of the highest quality and that we act in ways that promote the greatest good of each person. It is an essential approach to everything we do.

Our Symbol

Our symbol is a dove pictured in mid-flight and represents a number of different aspects of our organisation; its history, its purpose and its values.

The dove is recognised as a universal symbol of peace, comfort and kindness. The origins of its contemporary meaning can be traced back to the Bible, beginning with the story of Noah and the great flood (Genesis 8:10-11), where Noah sent a white dove to find land and it returned with an olive branch.

The dove is further referenced in the Bible: the healing ministry of Jesus began with the presence of the dove (Mark 1:10), the sign of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit continues to inspire the church, and our work at Catholic Healthcare every day.

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