Sr Loreto Conroy RSM

Trustee - BSc, DipTeach DipMigTeaching

Sr Loreto Conroy RSM was elected as a Trustee of Catholic Healthcare on 28 November, 2017.

Sr Loreto held the position of Congregational Vicar for the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney prior to being elected Congregational Leader in July 2013 and was re-elected as Congregational Leader in 2018. Prior to her election as Congregational Leader, Sr Loreto was the Service Manager, Clergy and Congregational Care for Catholic Healthcare Limited.

Sr Loreto has previously been Chairperson of the Mercy Foundation; a Board member of Mercy Foundation and a director of Mercy Family Centre Limited. Sr Loreto previously held the position of National Manager of Migrants and Refugees for the National Council of Churches and has also been the Principal of two primary Schools.

Sr Loreto holds a Bachelor of Social Science, a Diploma of teaching and Diploma of Migrant teaching.