Catholic Healthcare’s governance structure operates under both Canon Law and Civil Law and ensures that our foundational responsibilities are achieved.

Catholic Healthcare Strategy 2022

Building the Aged Care of Tomorrow

The aged care sector is at an important point of change and reform, and we have developed a strategy covering the next three years focused on improving support for our seniors. We call this Building the Aged Care of Tomorrow. Our strategic vision, and strategy pillars that give shape to achieving our vision, follow.

Our Strategic Vision

Inspired by our Mission, we will ensure people in our care live with dignity and find personal fulfilment in their lives as they age.

Our skilled and passionate people will provide high quality compassionate care in partnership with our residents and clients. We will grow and evolve our services to meet the increasing demand for aged care, and continue to support the elderly in our communities who are vulnerable.

Our 5 Strategic Pillars

CHL Governance

Mission Integration - Our core Mission focus is to respect the Human Dignity of every elderly person we serve, so they find personal fulfilment in their lives as they age.

Bringing to Life our Client Promise - We will be recognised for delivering the highest quality care, without compromise. Our passion is to enrich the lives of our clients so they are able to live life to the full every day.

Building a Great Place to Work - Our commitment is to build a great place to work for our people that inspires them to be passionate about enriching the lives of our clients.

Growth to Meet Need - In pursuit of our Mission, we will significantly grow our services to meet the increasing needs of our communities as the Australian population ages.

Enhanced Operational Effectiveness - Enhanced systems and processes will be developed to support Catholic Healthcare achieve our strategic vision, including ensuring a scalable operating model capable of future growth.