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The Art of Giving

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Creativity at St Peter’s Residential Aged Care in Lane Cove is in full swing with art and craft activities taking centre stage.

An art show and silent auction was held recently showcasing artwork created by residents in their art therapy classes. Art therapy is a creative process to explore emotions, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem. Classes are held at the Home each Monday and Friday with Art Therapists, Roxy and Vicki.

All proceeds from the auction are being donated to the Rural Fire Service.

“The students benefit ‘ergonomically’, and it is an engaging experience, where they zone in, make their own decisions about the direction of their work and focus on producing their pieces,” say Roxy and Vicki. “There is no chatter while they are immersed in their art, but once the class is over, they support each other by discussing their finished works. There is great camaraderie amongst the artists,” they add.

Picturesque landscapes, vibrant florals and furry pets were popular themes painted this year. The event was supported by family and friends. The art show was a culmination of a year’s worth of their efforts and are so popular that St Peters is looking at producing their own calendar featuring the works to go on sale later this year.

One of the artists, Nancy, is also a member of the St Peter’s knitting club which has been busy making pouches for injured wildlife.

The group of six meets every Thursday afternoon. They normally knit squares for blankets or beanies for premature babies, but during the recent bushfires they saw a call out from the Animal Rescue Craft Guild for pouches for injured and baby koalas, kangaroos, possums and wallabies.

“The goal is to make 10 pouches and we are halfway there,” says Linda, Recreational Activities Officer at St Peter’s.

“The residents are happy to help. They all enjoy knitting and crocheting so if they can make a difference in the community that’s a bonus.”

“It keeps us busy,” says Nancy. “It keeps our fingers working and our minds active. It’s also a very social group.”

The resident artists and knitters are incredibly proud of the work they produce.

Pictured are some of the art on display and St Peter's Recreational Activities Officer Linda with residents