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Stay Safe in Summer

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Staying cool and safe in the Australian summer can be challenging so planning ahead can make all the difference.

Here are some quick tips to make the most of the great Australian summer.

Heat stress

During periods of excessive high temperatures or a heatwave, we are all at risk of heat-related illnesses such as dehydration.

People over 65 years of age are at greater risk because their bodies sweat less and they tend to lose the ability to adapt to temperatures.

To avoid dehydration remember these few important tips:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water is the best fluid to drink. Avoid sugary soft drinks, caffeine or alcohol where possible. The amount of water depends on your own body. If you’re taking medication this can affect the amount of fluid you can take so check with your doctor.
  • Avoid outdoor activity in the heat of the day. Stay indoors and use air conditioning or keep to the coolest parts of your home.
  • Wear cooler clothing such as light weight, light coloured cotton fabrics.

Fire hazards around the home

Bushfires are a serious threat in summer. There’s some basic things you can do to help avoid the risks around your home:

Ask your maintenance provider to:

  • Clean your gutters of leaves and branches
  • Repair any damaged or missing tiles on the roof
  • Check and repair seals around door frames and windows to stop any gaps
  • Keep your gardens and lawns tidy and maintained
  • Remove any overhanging trees or shrubs near your house

Safety in the home

  • Safety inside your home is equally vital. Ensure you replace the battery in your smoke alarm.
  • Clear away clutter in the home, such as old clothing, blankets or other old newspapers.
  • Ensure window screens and doors are secure and working properly.

With some simple planning you will be better prepared and able to enjoy the summer while staying cool and safe.

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