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Snell family spring into action

Compassion and care clearly run deep in the Snell family, with talented volunteer Dale Snell contributing her time and efforts to various Catholic Healthcare residents alongside the organisation’s Chief Information Officer, her son - Corey Snell.

Dale Snell very humbly discusses the work of her nimble-fingered knitting club, who send their many creations to underprivileged people across Australia, and especially the marginalised communities of aged care services like Vincentian Aged Care Service in East Sydney.

“They just love the blankets we make,” says Dale. “It warms your heart to see how much they appreciate the effort put in; some of these people don’t have any family, so this gesture is huge to them.”

She explains that her group of knitters were looking for an opportunity to share their creations with the less privileged communities in Australia, and it was Corey’s suggestion to share the blankets with marginalised aged care services operated by Catholic Healthcare.

For several years now, Dale has also been working with Maurice Oliver, the Residential Aged Care service manager of Vincentian, sending the group’s blankets to the local Darlinghurst service, as well as internationally to underprivileged individuals in Africa and other developing countries around the world.

The Snell family are certainly in the business of helping people, dedicating not only their working hours to the cause of enriching people’s lives, but also their weekends, evenings and years of retirement, as Dale demonstrates.

Corey says this is potentially the busiest his mother has ever been. “She does an amazing job of helping others,” he comments. “Not only do the residents reap the benefits of her hard work, but she really feels like she’s giving back to the community.”