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Resident of St Catherine’s Bathurst comes full circle

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Since moving into the new St Catherine’s on Gormans Hill Road in April last year, many of the home’s residents have formed a particularly close connection with the site.

But none can compare with resident Anne Underwood, whose connection spans over 70 years. Anne has experienced some of life’s most memorable milestones upon the very same stones St Catherine’s is built upon.

Anne was born at St Vincent’s hospital in 1943, just next door to the new St Catherine’s, and lived out her childhood in the small country town of Bathurst.

As an adult, Anne trained to become a nurse and midwife at the very same hospital in which she was born. Her nursing career took her beyond the small-town life of Bathurst to Sydney, where she spent many years caring for patients and their babies in the obstetric unit of Mater Hospital in North Sydney.

Eventually, Anne felt the need to return to a country lifestyle. She relocated to the regional city of Wagga Wagga in the Riverina region of New South Wales where she lived for most of her working years.

Almost two decades passed before she decided to return to her roots in Bathurst. She moved into St Catherine’s aged care on 13 February 2016, a moment she remembers down to the minute. She felt that she had truly had come ‘full circle’, and returned home.

“Since coming to the new St Catherine’s, I really feel that this is home,” she says.

Anne says that despite her connection to the site of the newly-built aged care home, it’s the “care of the staff” that create the homely feel.  

“The staff here are exceptional,” says Anne, “I don’t think I could be anywhere better.”