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Recapturing the passion

FOR talented artist Ursula, the support of her family and the assistance of Catholic Healthcare's Community Services team has meant she can continue to follow her passion for painting and focus on the things she loves.

“My wonderful family have always been so supportive of me and would always help me around the home, but with Catholic Healthcare Community Services, I can save my children a lot of hard work,” Ursula said.

The North Sydney resident has been a client of Catholic Healthcare’s Community Services for the past two years and receives help with domestic services, including transport.

No longer able to drive, Ursula has taken up walking to the local shops and running errands with her carer.

“I now walk to the shops twice a week, and I am feeling so much better for doing so," she said. "Community Services are helping me to maintain my general fitness and the mobility aids provided really enable me to feel more independent.”

For more information about how our domestic services can help you, call us on 1300 319 011.