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Pet Therapy pup steals the hearts of residents

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A Catholic Healthcare staff member’s dog has become an aged care home’s signature pet therapist, after stealing the hearts of more than 90 residents at St Peter’s Lane Cove.

Biscuit, a shaggy-golden cavoodle puppy felt the love of all 93 residents in St Peter’s Aged Care home when she first visited the home nearly three years ago. Since that first visit, Biscuit has accompanied her owner, Lisa Siri to her place of work up to three times a week where she joins the residents in on their various activities. 

Residents at St Peter’s enjoy a variety of activities, including exercise class, high teas and art therapy – all of which their mascot, Biscuit, is present. 

The three-year-old pup has “truly brought a new kind of atmosphere to St Peter’s” says Lisa, who works as the St Peter’s Administration Coordinator alongside caring for Biscuit.

“The residents just love her – it really brings a smile to their faces.”

The Animal Welfare League of Australia support Lisa’s observation, by reporting that “pets provide one of the few interventions capable of permanently lifting the atmosphere of hospices and nursing homes.” 

Varying research also shows that having animals around, particularly in an aged care environment, can result in elevated mood, reduced stress levels, improved communication and even decreased blood pressure for residents.

Biscuit’s popularity in the home has now expanded to the wider community; she now has more than 2,338 followers on Instagram and her reach is growing daily.

“I love that we can bring happiness to people with Biscuit,” says Lisa. “It really shows the impact that pet therapy can have on people.” 

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