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Awarded finalist at International Eldercare Awards

Catholic Healthcare has been internationally recognised for its success in supporting ageing-in-place with its Breezie software offered to home care packages customers.

The My Catholic Healthcare tablet, known as the ‘MyCH’ tablet has been elected a finalist in an international aged care awards ceremony. The 5th Annual Eldercare Innovation Awards  honoured Catholic Healthcare’s technological success of the software in their category ‘Best Product to support ageing-in-place’.

The MyCH tablet is an Australian first in the modified tablet market, specifically tailoring the software for older people. In a ‘senior-friendly’ interface, the tablet removes the clutter and confusion of a regular tablet, making it easier for the ageing clients to live an active life.

One of the key benefits of the software has been clients’ ability to connect with family and friends who might be otherwise be unable to stay in close contact due to lack of proximity.

Some of Catholic Healthcare’s primary users of the technology have come out with their personal stories relating to the positive impact of the software - from enabling a method of contact with family members living internationally, to re-connecting with friends, family and classmates via social media.  

Corey Snell, Catholic Healthcare Chief Information Officer, says the software has been critical in empowering older people to continue living an active life.

“I think it’s important that we understand that a lot of older Australians fall into the category that’s almost like a forgotten generation of technology users. Now, Breezie is allowing clients to engage with that technology in a really simple and easy way”.

Several users of the MyCH tablet across Catholic Healthcare’s Community Services have openly spoken out about their positive experiences with the technology. Beryl Birmingham, a resident of Sydney’s Inner West has been working with the tablet and her volunteer Louise Kirton for several months, saying she now “couldn’t live without Facebook” and considers it her lifeline.

It’s a response, says volunteer Louise Kirton, that is truly heartwarming to see.

“Beryl has since started a computer course, which has certainly been inspired by her experience with the tablet. She’s extremely happy with the new interest the tablet has given her”.

Corey Snell says Beryl’s positive experience with the MyCH and the many others across Catholic Healthcare is a true attest to the software’s impact on individual’s lives.

He and the Information Technology team at Catholic Healthcare say with continued software success, MyCH has the potential to go beyond Home Care clients into other areas of aged care life, including Residential Aged Care.

“It’s a really exciting venture and we’re so pleased to have the support of Breezie and Samsung in creating such a valuable system,” he says.