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International Fundraising Choir tugs the heartstrings of Lane Cove Aged Care residents

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The residents of St Peter’s Aged Care were blown away this weekend when they were greeted with a surprise, exclusive and intimate performance from the Alkira Women’s Choir.

The Acapella musicians visited the residents on level 2 of their aged care home on Felton Avenue in Lane Cove, where they performed an hour set that wowed the 90 residents, many of whom have low mobility and without the performance on their level, may not have the opportunity to see the concert.

The all-female group performed a number of hits that resonated with residents, from Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely to Eddi Reader’s Perfect, all powerfully performed with the simple harmony of voices and the natural reverberation through the aged care home. 

The Alkira community choir is one of six all-female choirs created by Hummingsong Choirs. Hummingsong has been operating since early 2012 when founder Anna Humberstone came up with the concept to “build an outlet for women to express themselves creatively.” 

“It’s been a wonderful opportunity for women to connect with each other, build a stronger community and give women a purpose to give back to the community,” she says. 

Humberstone says the six groups around Sydney perform regularly, from local community groups to annual stage performances with members of more than 400 singers. 

“We always arrange intimate performances for our friends and family, and often do big performances at least once a year, often for charity,” says Humberstone, “But the performances at aged care homes are by far the most enjoyed by our members. They receive immediate gratitude for their efforts, and it gives them such pleasure to bring joy to others’ lives.” 

The residents of St Peter’s Lane Cove were overjoyed by the sweet sound emanating through the halls and all exclaimed how special they felt to enjoy their own intimate performance with such well-renowned musicians. 

The St Peter’s Aged Care home are always looking for opportunities to enrich residents’ lives. If you are interested in volunteering and contributing to the happiness of our residents, please contact St Peter’s Aged Care directly at (02) 8413 4000.