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Updated Information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Residential Care

27 March 2020

Supporting our Residents & Staff

Here is a further update since last week (18 March) on the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia and the additional precautionary measures we have taken.

Firstly, thank you very much for your understanding and support. With the situation changing each day, the impact on the community and the constant news-flow in the media, this is a challenging time for everyone. It is especially challenging for the elderly and those at the frontline delivering care – our residents and staff.

Our focus remains on protecting our residents and staff. We recognise any precautionary measures impact on people. At the same time, we are committed to doing everything we can to minimise the risk. We continue to work closely with government and continue to monitor what is happening around the world to plan ahead.

Staying connected with loved ones

To help mitigate the impact,we put in place additional technology to facilitate video calls (via Skype/WhatsApp) and now have staff assisting residents with video calls.

We have been delighted with the feedback from residents and families following their initial video calls and are pleased to confirm that this technology is here to stay – we will support video calls permanently as another feature of our Enrich Model of Care.

Ensuring life within our Homes remains as vibrant as possible

We have also added to our MyLifestyle program to ensure life remains as sociable and engaging as possible. Activities have been adapted, new ones created, with more one-on-one time for residents who prefer it. Our team have drawn inspiration from around the world and are making the most of our network (of 41 Homes) – sharing new ideas, running ‘virtual activities’ and ‘live-streamed’ concerts– in recent days, this has included virtual music therapy, receiving letters and care packages from school children (who are temporarily unable to visit), plus other much-loved activities, and with more to come (virtual tai chi starts next week).

We note the situation is evolving each day. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Residential Manager. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Home Care Clients

Catholic Healthcare’s Home Care services are open for business today and every day to ensure you keep receiving quality in-home care and support. Our staff are fully trained to meet our clients’ needs including infection prevention and control.

We know this can be a very stressful time living independently. We will continue to provide essential services in your home whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines, handwashing and use of hand sanitisers.

Special services we offer which may provide extra comfort during this time include:

  • shopping delivered to your door
  • support with medications
  • meal preparation
  • cleaning
  • pastoral care
  • technology support to stay connected with loved ones
  • companionship and ‘check in’ phone calls
  • exercise plans that you can do at home to keep you mobile and strong, plus more…

Frequently Asked Questions - Your Home Care Services and Coronavirus (COVID - 19)

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Catholic Healthcare’s Service Protocol

Our goal is to ensure our staff and clients are safe and well at all times.

Given the directive for people over 70 to stay at home, this makes our role as a home and community service provider even more critical.

In order to do this, it is important to share how we approach every service.

(1) When our staff arrive at your front door, we will ensure that we maintain 1.5M social distancing.

(2) Before we enter your home, we will firstly check that you don’t have flu-like symptoms.

(3) Our staff will conduct handwashing on arrival and during the service.

(4) During our service we may ask you to wait in another room.

Our role as a health service provider is to ensure that you are being cared and assist you in staying healthy and well, particularly given the Australian Government directive for people over 70 to stay at home.

Your Care Advisor is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

For the latest information regarding COVID-19 including advice on actions to help prevent the spread of the virus, please visit the Department of Health website:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team on 1800 225 474. To assist us with timely communication, we also ask that Home Care clients advise us of your current email address.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We are here to help.