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Industry changes to Home Care Packages

HOME care packages have changed. From 27 February 2017, funding for your in home care now stays with consumers, giving you control over how your care is delivered and who provides it.

The Home Care Packages Program  provides a wide range of services for people with more complex needs within a ‘package’ of funds that are allocated to you, depending on your needs.  There are four levels of package available, ranging from level 1 for basic care needs, up to level 4 for the highest care needs.

Home Care Package funds are allocated to the older person to design what supports they want provided by their package within the budget available to them (under a consumer directed care model). The key changes will include:

  • Home care package funding staying with the consumer, making it easier to change providers if you move or are looking for a better fit. Previously, home care places were allocated straight to approved providers. Before changing your provider, you will need to review your home care agreement to find out any fees or conditions. Providers can charge an exit fee to cover their administration costs.
  • A national system will also be set up by My Aged Care to prioritise users depending on their needs and how long they have been waiting for care. This is designed to allow home care packages to be distributed more fairly, regardless of where you live.

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