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Catholic Healthcare celebrates 23 years of service

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In celebration of its 23rd birthday this month, Catholic Healthcare reminisced over the two decades of achievements the organisation has had so far, and shared the exciting vision for the future.

Kicking off the celebrations, representatives from Catholic Healthcare corporate office, trustees and board directors visited St Joseph Aged Care service at Hunters Hill, where a mass was held for residents and staff in the onsite Chapel.

Father Peter Confeggi led the service, alongside various readers from Catholic Healthcare management, including Managing Director, David Maher, and Jack Flanagan, Chairman of Trustees.

Following mass, residents and staff members celebrated with cake and champagne in the St Joseph dining room.

David Maher shared a personal message with staff noting the many achievements that the organisation has made over 23 years, while Julia Abrahams, General Manager of Legal and Mission reminded staff of the simple beginnings of the organisation, very literally commencing from the ‘boot of a car’.

Some of the major achievements Catholic Healthcare celebrated over 23 years of service includes the completion of the first major new residential service in Bathurst, the establishment of a mental-health specific aged care unit in Newcastle, the roll out of e-case, our clinical care system and many more exciting accomplishments.

Catholic Healthcare also took the time to publicly recognise some of the longest serving staff members in the organisation – from milestones of five years to an astounding 40 years celebrated by some very dedicated individuals across the services.

David Maher made a special mention of the hard work of staff towards the close of the ceremony, stating, “As you know, bringing to life our client promise doesn’t happen by itself – it requires great people.  And so I want to thank you for your tremendous care, commitment and hard work across this our 23rd year, in making such a difference to the lives of so many clients, and to your fellow workers.”