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Bridging the old and new

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A special ceremony recently took place at Villa Maria Eastern Heights in Ipswich, symbolically joining the old and the new Villa Maria Homes.

For 40-years Villa Maria operated in Limestone Street in Ipswich and was run by the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. A new Villa Maria Home, built and run by Catholic Healthcare, was opened in early 2018.

Villa Maria's Pastoral Care Coordinator, Michele Knight (pictured below right), approached the new owners of the old Villa Maria site (now the YMCA) and arranged to gather some soil from the rose garden. The soil is seen as significant, as many past residents and nuns (Sisters) had their ashes scattered in the gardens. The soil was brought to the garden of the new Home as a symbolic gesture, bringing past residents to gather with residents and staff once again. 

The YMCA's Meg Woolf (pictured below left) presented Villa Maria Eastern Heights with a Children's Rose bush acknowledging and respecting the merging of past and present.

A plaque has been placed beside the rose bush so all will know former residents are still with residents and staff of the new Villa Maria (pictured below).

Also pictured above with Michele is Jen James, VMEH Activities Coordinator.‚Äč

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