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When Shirley’s sister and long-term housemate Noelene, broke her hip from a fall just outside their home, the shock and fear of not walking independently was all too great for Shirley.

“From the moment my sister Noelene broke her hip – I knew we had to get help.” she says. It took Shirley several months to gain the confidence to commence the program. In Noelene’s absence,  Shirley too encountered a minor fall – escaping with a mere few bruises and luckily, no broken bones.

Following the fall and Noelene’s surgery to repair her broken hip, the pair decided to embark on Catholic Healthcare’s  Walking with Confidence program, starting with some gentle exercises around the Bathurst CBD and eventually reaching their goal of walking to church and to meet their friends in the local community.

“That was our major goal, making it back to meeting our local community members and friends,” says Shirley. “It felt awful not being able to get there and be a part of the community the way we used to".

Amanda, Shirley’s Care Advisor was ecstatic to see the positive result yielded from her clients’ commitment and hard work. “She [Shirley] is now encouraging others to do our program and get back out into the community. She is tinkled pink!”

After many months of working with Catholic Healthcare, Shirley and Noelene finally made it by walking to meet their local community members and friends.

Over a refreshing glass of lemonade, looking relaxed, happy and confident, Shirley says: “We can finally enjoy our hobbies again. It has really been so beneficial for Noelene and I. I don’t know what we would have done without them.”

Walking with Confidence programs are currently happening in Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, Young and Mudgee. Spots availiable to register for Weeks 3- 8.

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