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Australian-first connected tablet solution to help transform care services

Vince using Breezie

CATHOLIC Healthcare, Samsung Electronics Australia, Breezie Inc., and Ethan Group, have entered into a collaboration to deliver a new tablet solution to older Australians designed to help support greater independence for clients, and improve connectivity to relevant health services and important online communication channels.

The collaboration represents and will deliver for the first time in Australia the personalised Breezie tablet-based aged care solution to Catholic Healthcare Community Services clients. The solution will be personalised to meet the specific needs of each individual client and is designed to support more independent living and improve connectivity to relevant online services.

Janis Redford, General Manager of Community Services at Catholic Healthcare says the service will help improve care and services for clients, as well as support the day-to-day lives for older users through greater connectivity.

This initiative breaks new ground for our industry as it has the power to transform the lifestyles of older Australians through an intuitive, customisable, and easy-to-use experience

We believe this technology to be transformational for the aged care sector as it will allow carers and family members to tailor content to the requirements of the user, either remotely or manually.

Breezie is designed to cut through the complexities of technology and empower elderly users to access the social and psychological benefits that connected technology can deliver through a range of online communication platforms, as well as allow them to manage contact with carers and loved ones.

Jeh Kazimi, Founder and CEO for Breezie Inc. said: “Our work with Samsung has produced incredible benefits and better health outcomes for older adults and aged care providers in the UK and US and we are excited to be a part of the innovative work Catholic Healthcare is doing to rollout the Breezie solution for the first time in Australia.

Users can nominate carers or the Breezie service concierge team to remotely configure the tablet for them; leaving friends and relatives assured that they have oversight of their loved ones and the elderly with a sense of content and independence.

Danny Mandrides, Head of Mobility and New Business for Samsung Electronics Australia said: “This collaboration delivers an incredibly exciting prospect for the aged care sector, as well as the way technology providers like Samsung, Breezie, and Ethan Group, can work

with organisations like Catholic Healthcare to help transform the way care is provided in Australia.

The solution is made secure through Samsung KNOX, a secure embedded layer of mobile protection that allows for secure customisation unique to Samsung devices.  Please visit for more information.

Each Breezie interface has more than 40 preconfigured accessibility settings and sensor driven analytics to adjust for different levels of digital literacy as well as physical and cognitive ability. In addition to providing access to widely used applications such as Facebook, Skype, and email, the highly-customisable interface is designed to simplify the use of essential tools including medical, entertainment and communications services, helping the elderly to get the benefits without having to understand or master the underlying technology1.

The deployment involves the delivery of a personalised tablet that is tailored to the specific needs of each elderly Catholic Healthcare client. MyCH (pronounced Mitch) will be provided to Catholic Healthcare Community Services home care package clients.