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Aged Care Royal Commission Final Report Released

This week the Government released the final Royal Commission report into Aged Care. In the Report, titled Care, Dignity and Respect, Royal Commissioners Tony Pagone QC and Lynelle Briggs AO call for fundamental reform of the aged care system.

Catholic Healthcare supports the Report's 148 wide-ranging recommendations which include:

  • A new Aged Care Act that puts older people first, enshrining their rights and providing a universal entitlement for high quality and safe care based on assessed need.
  • An integrated system for the long-term support and care of older people and their ongoing community engagement.
  • Approving home care packages within one month from the date of a person's assessment and clearing the waitlist by the end of the year.
  • Calling for all staff in aged care to have a minimum level of training in line with the childcare sector.
  • And, ensuring a registered nurse always be on duty in an aged care home, that no person under 45 years be in an aged care home by January next year, and that a register of aged care workers be created.

"Life is to be lived. No matter how old we are, how frail or incapacitated we might be, how rich or poor, we all have the fundamental right to wellbeing, enjoyment and fulfilment as we age," Commissioner Briggs said in the Final Report.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the Royal Commission process as "harrowing" but praised the work of the commissioners. "What they've said is the basic paradigm needs to change and I agree," he said. But, Mr Morrison warned changes would take "considerable time" and flagged the Report noted a five-year time frame.

The Royal Commissioners have recommended that the Australian Government report to Parliament by 31 May 2021 its response to their recommendations.

Catholic Healthcare will be actively advocating for a strong Government response in May. With the release of the Report, we all have an opportunity to influence the Government by supporting the campaign “It’s Time to Care about Aged Care”. Go to the link here and sign the Petition.

But it’s not just about the Government’s response. Catholic Healthcare is fully committed to the challenge set by the Commissioners to create a new aged care system that supports people to live fulfilling lives as they age with dignity, respect and enjoyment. We will be seeking to drive our own initiatives in response to these challenges.

To view the Final Report and its recommendations click here - Final Report | Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety


David Maher, Managing Director, Catholic Healthcare