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A Journey with Catholic Healthcare

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Yvonne’s journey with Catholic Healthcare began in 2017 as a Home Care client living at Lendlease’s Henry Kendall Gardens Retirement Village on the NSW Central Coast. As her clinical needs became more complex with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Yvonne spent a couple of weeks in respite at Our Lady of Loreto Gardens Residential Aged Care Home in Hamlyn Terrace, where she now permanently resides. Yvonne is grateful to Catholic Healthcare for the care and services she has received over the past few years. Here is her story.

In July 2017, Lendlease engaged Catholic Healthcare to deliver products and services to their residents to provide ongoing health and wellbeing. ''Catholic Healthcare’s partnership with Lendlease is about helping residents navigate My Aged Care, stay connected with family and friends, services in and outside their home, and providing guidance for any health stage of their retirement journey. The support of Village Managers like Bernard van Koersveld at Henry Kendall Gardens who promotes health and wellbeing within the village is essential," said Brita van Heyst, Catholic Healthcare’s Strategic Business Manager.

Yvonne, living at the time in Henry Kendall Gardens was Catholic Healthcare’s first client, to support this partnership with Lendlease. She switched to Catholic Healthcare from another Home Care provider as she was unhappy with their services. Lendlease’s initiative to find a partnership to help residents on their age care journey was a great idea according to Yvonne and, she was even more pleased when a friend also recommended Catholic Healthcare.

As Catholic Healthcare’s Home Care client, Yvonne received several services and had various items purchased for her to help live as comfortably as possible. Services included weekly domestic assistance, weekly social support and shopping help, twice-weekly allied health support, and a monthly visit from a registered nurse. Items purchased were a portable oxygen machine, an ergometer to build body strength and an upside-down fridge to assist with meal preparation. During this time, she developed a close rapport with Care Workers, Fiona and Francesca, who knew Yvonne and her care needs.

Yvonne’s Care Advisor, Lynn Pascoe (Home & Community Services, Central Coast from March 2018 to February 2020) said, “I spent a lot of time with Yvonne, listening to her and ensuring her care needs were met. Our care enhanced her quality of life and helped Yvonne stay at home longer. Without this care, Yvonne would have been in full-time care a lot sooner.”

Yvonne agrees. “The home care services made a big difference to my quality of life,” she said. “Lynn deserves a 10 out of 10. She always got back to me with an answer if I was worried or upset. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and I would recommend Catholic Healthcare to everybody,” she added.

Due to deterioration in her health, a period of going back and forth to the hospital and a fear of being alone in her home, Yvonne moved into Catholic Healthcare’s Our Lady of Loreto Gardens for respite on 23rd October 2019. On 7th February 2020, she moved into the Home permanently.

Lynn helped to choose the Home. Yvonne could continue her Catholic Healthcare journey, and it was only a five-minute drive from her son and grandson.

“I was in and out of the hospital. My health was deteriorating,” said Yvonne. “I had panic attacks in the middle of the night. Finally, I decided I couldn’t cope on my own anymore. Lynn found a place for me at Hamlyn Terrace. Initially, I came for a fortnight. It took me a while to accept, but I realised I needed to stay; I needed the extra care. I am in the right place and have everything at the press of a button. I was fighting to stay at home, but it wasn’t the best place for me to be anymore,” she added.

Yvonne is content and happy at Our Lady of Loreto Gardens. “I need extra care. I am on oxygen 24/7. This is my home. There are great people here to look after me, especially the Recreational Activities Officers who are patient and treat us beautifully. A special mention must also go to Residential Manager, Bradley Roberts and Care Manager, Leanne Saunders for the wonderful work they are doing to enrich our lives,” she said. “Catholic Healthcare has looked after me, and for that, I am grateful,” she added.

Yvonne is now looking forward to seeing her family and friends once restrictions start to ease.

Catholic Healthcare’s home care services are designed to empower you to maintain your lifestyle at home. Call 1800 225 474 or go to to find out more.