Connecting with Others

Social interactions and meaningful friendships are important at any stage of life. We help you stay connected to your community and social network.

We understand how beneficial personal connections can be, whether it’s taking part in enjoyable social activities that suit your individual needs, interests and abilities, or just knowing that someone is ‘popping in’ to spend time with you.

Our social support services are aimed at helping you maintain your friendships and social networks.

Group activities

Our carers will encourage and support you in taking part of the social and community activities that are of interest to you.

We appreciate that not everyone finds it easy to socialise or try something new, that’s why we support you in joining in group activities, helping you feel comfortable in social settings and enabling you to build your confidence.

Just like meeting a group of people with the same interests, we can facilitate an opportunity for you to enjoy your favourite hobbies in the company of like-minded people. Some of the group activities you might be interested in include:

  • Art and Craft Making
  • Sight-seeing
  • Singing and dance groups
  • Yoga and exercise class

Telephone check-in

People living at home alone can often feel unsafe or lonely, particularly if it is hard to get out and about. A daily telephone call from a volunteer to check in to ensure that everything is fine is a service we can provide to people in need.

Meaningful and purposeful individual connections

We recognise each person deserves personal, individually-tailored care. That’s why our carers are chosen carefully and trained thoroughly to provide the best level of care appropriate to your needs. We understand that developing a meaningful and purposeful individual connection with you is the key in enriching your life.

Peer support groups

Support groups are available through Catholic Healthcare which foster a sense of belonging by supporting people through life’s challenges, joys and sorrows. Support groups assist in a range of important aspects including your basic nutritional, exercise and recreational needs.

We also offer pastoral care services; supportive care coordinators who offer guidance and spiritual comfort in times of loss, grief and difficult times of life.


Sometimes, staying at home for long periods of time can leave you feeling lonely and unsafe. Our carers consider these circumstances and ensure that our daily check ins assess how you are personally feeling, so your independence and lifestyle can continue the way you choose. A daily telephone call from a volunteer to check in to ensure you are feeling at your best is one of our simple services that put our people at the forefront of our business.

Getting started with technology

At Catholic Healthcare, we offer access to technology that is easy to understand, useful on a daily basis, and caters specifically to what you need.

The technology provided comes with the full support of a carer to help you get set up and navigate through the system, step by step.

Living far away or not being able to physically visit your companions won’t hold you back with our technology options. Today’s digital advances mean you can talk in real-time to those closest to you at the click of a button.

Technology support

The support of our knowledgeable and helpful carers will help you continually expand your understanding of technology and the avenues you can venture into. Whatever your interests may be - whether it’s an expansion of your social life, maintaining connection with your family or even watching your favourite television series, we can open the door to helping you engage through technology.

Volunteer Services

Receiving a regular friendly phone call can make a huge difference in our lives.  Our volunteers share stories about their lives, learn about interests, talk about news, sport, hobbies etc., 

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