Easy new way to manage your home care services, stay connected with family and friends, and communicate with your Care Advisor and Catholic Healthcare.

What is MyCH?

MyCH is a hand held digital device for all our Home Care Package clients. The device comes fully personalised and connected to the internet. It is the easy new way to manage your home care services, stay connected with family and friends, exercise your brain and curiosity and communicate with your Care Advisor and Catholic Healthcare.  

What can I do with my MyCH?

The MyCH tablet allows our clients to stay informed and entertained with a touch of a few buttons – but without the clutter and jargon of everyday computers and other hand-held devices.

With MyCH you can see all your upcoming appointments, request changes and make cancellations, view your package balance and make payments. We add the things you love on to your device and present them in a unique and user-friendly way. What's more - you do not need to signup, create accounts, download applications or even remember passwords.

With your MyCH table you can:

  • Access MyCH Hub: We publish interesting and practical content on our MyCH Hub regularly. You will find information about exercise, nutrition and ways to navigate aged care.
  • Keep in touch with loved ones: As Australians are independently living at home longer, they are also facing risk of loneliness, depression and anxiety. Staying connected with family, friends and the community is important for all of us, especially for older Australians. With MyCH you can send emails to your family and friends, make free video calls and share photos with your family and wider community.
  • Watch, read and listen: You can watch streaming entertainment services and view catch-up TV from the comfort of your home. You can listen to your favourite music, read the daily newspaper or a wide range of books.
  • Browse the Internet: You can browse the internet and catch up on latest news, trends, interesting facts and happenings from around the world. You can visit art galleries, walk the virtual streets of distant locations, view the menu at the local club or the bus timetable and also shop and bank online.
My MyCH tablet is wonderful. It stores all my contacts, appointments, and the times my Care Workers will be visiting. I have Facebook so I can keep in contact with family, cousins and friends. I need to be online so I can send emails and stay in touch with the world. 
Suzie, South East Sydney Home Care client

How can I get MyCH tablet?

MyCH is provided to our Home Care Package customers and funded through their government subsidised Home Care Package. It provides our clients with another channel for keeping in touch with Catholic Healthcare, family, friends and the community.

If you need further information or details regarding our Homecare packages, contact us on 1800 225 474  or send us your enquiry.