Model of Care

A Model of Care is put simply, a way of describing ‘HOW WE CARE’ for our clients. It captures what is important to our clients and our collective role in serving each individual while respecting their intrinsic dignity.

CHL Model of Care - Enrich

What is Enrich?

Enrich reflects the best of what we do today and provides a strong and unifying foundation for us going forward – one that is aligned with best practice and reinforces the intent of the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

Importantly, Enrich reflects the diversity of the Catholic Healthcare community. As we welcome new clients and families in new geographies, Enrich describes ‘HOW WE CARE’.

Enrich recognises our residents are at the centre of everything we do.

Enrich consists of five elements, with the client at the centre.


How have we developed the Enrich Model of Care?

Throughout the past year, we have reviewed the best of what we do every day and asked our clients, what is important to them.

An organisation-wide team, led by Care Excellence, including Managers and frontline staff, have developed a common framework – one that defines what we do and what we aspire to each day.

We have also had the benefit of input from experts and thought leaders including Dementia Australia, Palliative Care Australia, Charles Sturt University and the Wicking Institute.

Most importantly, we have captured our clients’ own words by involving them. In conversations, we sought feedback and asked our clients – what matters to you, what gets you out of bed, what makes each day special? What we heard was powerful, heart-felt, and honest – the needs and preferences of those in our care.

Enrich in our resident's words


“I know I can always get a response. The phone is always answered or I can send an email if I think of something in the middle of the night.” Anne, Carer, Banksia Beach


“My care worker is a lovely lady who is thoughtful, respectful and listens to my stories. She does the work beautifully with no hassles and if I don’t need cleaning that day she is flexible and will do the shopping instead.” Jill, Umina Beach


“They’ve made my life so much happier and easier. The staff do my lawn, they make my bed and clean the shower. I’m so grateful for my home care package.” Robyn, Glenfield Park


“The fact that I can stay at home is fantastic. The staff help me stay independent and help with the things I can’t do on my own.” Sybill, St. Ives


“I can survive but I would be struggling on my own. I couldn’t do it for long. Home Care keeps me at home near everything I know.” Peter, Wooloomooloo