Regaining independence, strength and mobility

Career and lady facing each other and smiling

A hospital stay is a difficult time for anyone and going home may mean you need more time to recover before things can return to normal.

Receiving the assistance and care you need can help improve your chances of recovery and get you back to doing what you love.

Catholic Healthcare offers a variety of community services designed to help people with everyday tasks once they return home from hospital. These services encourage a renewed sense of independence.

Erin Stubbs is a Occupational Therapist with Catholic Community Services, a division of Catholic Healthcare, who often assists people returning home after a hospital stay.

“Regaining independence and adjusting to life in the home after a hospital discharge is an important part of the recovery process. What we often find in the first few weeks is that many people struggle with everyday tasks. It can be difficult to buy groceries if you’re not able to drive, and very hard to shave or shower yourself properly if you have a cast on your arm,” Erin said.

“As an occupational therapist, part of my role is to develop strategies to encourage people returning home from hospital to be as independent as possible. Someone can come and help with the vacuuming, take you shopping, mow the lawn, recommend equipment that may help with your mobility and balance in the shower or help manage and remind you to take your tablets. These services can be put in place for short term or long term or for however long you may need.”