Bill's Story

Man at BBQ with friends

Living in a retirement village provides Bill* with the opportunity to focus on the people and experiences that matter most to him. He loves to entertain, share delicious food and have a good time with family and friends. 

The gardens and outdoor entertainment areas at The Brighton are an ideal space for Bill to indulge in his favourite pasttimes. He has quite the knack for bringing loved ones together for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and football grand finals.

The outdoor areas at The Brighton are fresh, bright and blossoming with life and even offer a vegetable and herb garden, which Bill visits often to garnish his barbeque feasts.

The Brighton Village facilities provide Bill with the chance to share his hospitality and home with others. For Bill, entertaining is about spending quality time with people, a chance to catch up and have a little fun together.

Since retiring at The Brighton, Bill has more time for the special things he holds dear. He has more time to spend with loved ones, and entertaining is Bill’s way of forming new friendships and staying connected.

*Bill is an example of a Catholic Healthcare resident