Macy's Story

woman with dementia at hair dresser

Macy* lives at home and one of Catholic Healthcare’s home care workers visits her twice a week to provide some domestic assistance. Macy also lives with dementia.

When Ella, Macy's granddaughter, set the date for her wedding, Macy was concerned; who would she take? How would she get ready? What would she wear?   

Macy decided to ask her home care worker, Jane, to help her get ready for the wedding and to be her companion during the service and reception.

On the day, Jane picked Macy up from home and took her to the hairdresser where she had her hair and nails done. Macy felt pampered, relaxed and ready for her granddaughter’s big day.

After the hairdresser, Jane helped Macy get ready and accompanied her to the wedding. Macy had shared many stories of her family life with Jane over the years, so Jane was able to take pleasure in the celebrations knowing much of Macy's family history.

Catholic Healthcare’s In-home services gave Macy a new sense of independence and the opportunity to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle. With Catholic Healthcare’s support behind her, Macy is free to spend more time with her family.

Macy* is an actor portrayal of a Catholic Healthcare client.