Corrine's Story

Connie Testamonial

Restoring Corrine's peace of mind

Like many daughters, Corrine took on the role of full-time carer for her ageing mother Marion, without question. With ongoing health issues and early onset dementia, Marion needed constant care, which eventually took its toll on Corrine, physically and emotionally.

“I found myself at the end of my tether, but I was too scared to admit it,” Corrine explained.

After a series of falls and some time spent in hospital, it was suggested Corrine move her mother into an aged care service. She was very apprehensive at first, wanting only the very best for her mum during such a difficult time.

“I looked at four different locations which came highly recommended by the hospital. We made the choice on what we felt was the best option and we were welcomed with open arms. I found the dementia services provided quite impressive, along with the caring staff members and comfortable accommodation. For the first time in a long time, I felt peace of mind and felt assured that mum was in the right place,” Corrine explained.

Now that Corrine is no longer Marion’s full-time carer, she is free to do the things she loves and enjoys quality time with her mum without worry.

“I have quality of life now, we all do. I am enjoying the role of daughter again knowing Mum is in the hands of angels,” Corrine added. “Twelve months on, Mum is a different person from the nervous lady that she was the day she arrived. I see her smiling again, she is settled, her mind is kept active and she feels safe.”

Thanks to the caring staff at Maranatha Lodge, Batehaven, Corrine and Marion both have a renewed sense of fulfilment, wellbeing and independence and are able to cherish the time they spend together.