A life transformed

Man with carer

When Andrew* returned home after being admitted to hospital with chronic renal failure he suddenly found himself overwhelmed with daily life. With no family or friends to provide physical or emotional support, Andrew found life increasingly difficult.

He was using candles to light his unit as he wasn’t able to change the broken light fixtures. His house was piled high with stacks of newspapers causing a potential fire hazard and he didn’t have basic appliances such as a washing machine or fridge, so meal preparation, staying clean and food storage was a major challenge.  

All of these issues combined to affect Andrew’s independence, self-esteem and wellbeing, and his restricted mobility combined with poor lighting and a cluttered home placed him in the high-risk category for a fall.  

Fortunately, Andrew was referred to Catholic Healthcare’s Community Options to help improve his quality of life and provide a safer home environment.

Firstly, an electrician was arranged to repair the broken light fixtures and Catholic Healthcare assisted with the purchase of a fridge and a washing machine. Further referrals were also made for shopping assistance, easy care gardening and the services of an occupational therapist.

Through ongoing support, Andrew is now able to recognise where improvements can be made and take action through small, consistent steps and re-evaluate after each goal is achieved.

Implementing a holistic approach to wellness, combined with encouragement and support, has seen Andrew improve beyond measure. He is now excited about life and takes pride in looking after himself.

*This is a real client of Catholic Healthcare, his name has been changed for this story.