Sr Therese Carroll rsj

Trustee - RN, CM, BHSc (Nursing), DipTeach (Nursing), MEd (Pastoral Guidance), MA (Theol), MMgt (Cmty), GAICD.

Sr Therese Carroll rsj was elected as a Trustee of Catholic Healthcare on 28 November, 2019.

Sr Therese has a deep understanding of the Church’s mission in health and aged care. She has extensive experience as director, including Chair, in governance of not-for-profit Boards which includes many years in the aged and community care sector. She served as director of Catholic Health Australia Stewardship Board for 11 years, including Chair for 3 years and Chair of the Board’s aged care committee for a number of years.

Therese is a Sister of St Joseph (SOSJ) and has served in SOSJ aged care ministry in care management and mission roles, and as board director of SOSJ aged care in NSW, South Australia and Victoria. She has served as Councillor on the SOSJ NSW Provincial Leadership Team. In the roles described she is well practiced in reviewing management financial reports and business cases. In these and other roles she has had exposure to matters relating to purchasing and divesting of Church properties, and canon law matters.

Therese has been involved in the ministry of facilitation for many years which includes formation of Trustees, boards, executives and staff, strategic planning and various forms of discernment and decision-making. She is an adjunct lecturer at the Jesuit College of Spirituality, Melbourne in leadership, and a non-executive director of Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney. She is currently completing a certificate in spiritual direction.