Moving In

Your Village Contract 

All you need to know before you move in.

Your village contract will be provided shortly after you have paid your deposit. This is the contract you will have with Catholic Healthcare for the term of your tenure.   

Your village contract will include:

• Standard contract

• Standard disclosure statement

• Village rules

• Unit condition report

• Floor and site plans of the village and the unit

• List of inclusions

After you have carefully read and considered the terms and conditions you will need to return the signed contract within 14 days. We advise all clients to seek legal advice prior to returning the signed contract.

There is a cooling off period of seven days in case you change your mind. The cooling off period is void, however, if you choose to move in before the seven day period. Final settlement is required three months after receipt of the contract.  

The Condition Report

Before you move in you must complete a condition report. This needs to happen at least two weeks prior to occupation of the unit.

The condition report needs to be completed by yourself and a representative of Catholic Healthcare.

Together, yourself and the representative will assess the current state of the unit or apartment on offer.

If you agree with the statements made in the report, the report needs to be signed by yourself and the Catholic Healthcare representative. This will be sent back to you as part of the final contract.

The condition report is a statement of the condition of the unit prior to you moving in so it is important that you agree with the statements made in the report before you sign.

If you are seeking modifications to the unit or apartment these should be negotiated separately and prior to placing your deposit.

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