Residential Aged Care

There comes a time when regular tasks become more difficult to manage - this is where Catholic Healthcare can help. Our highly skilled residential care services staff are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.

Catholic Healthcare offers a wide variety of integrated services in over 40 locations across NSW and South Eastern Queensland.

We believe in a holistic, person-centred care approach where the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual are taken into account. We also believe in creating a sense of community and inclusion, fostering independence and encouraging participation in events and activities that promote personal satisfaction and fulfilment.

Our services are tailored to help you find your independence in a place you feel welcome and at home.

A Sense of Togetherness

Our professional and caring staff are available to provide support at a moment’s notice, giving you and your family greater peace of mind. 

Supervising nurses ensure your health is consistently monitored, while our care workers provide empathetic shoulders to lean on. Community building activities foster companionship and our entertainment and recreational spaces ensure that you, your family and visitors always feel welcome.

Personal Fulfilment

A Catholic Healthcare residence encourages you to explore what defines you.

By providing a wide range of events, gatherings and activities, we aim to foster inclusivity, boost self-esteem, promote creativity and promote a sense of purpose.

This, combined with our individual, person-centred approach to care that helps our clients realise their health and wellbeing goals, cultivates personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

Your Independence

Maintaining independence is important as you enter into residential care, but this can mean different things for different people. For some, independence might mean no longer having to rely on family for care, while for others it might mean having greater access to resources. Whatever independence means for you, we’re here to help you achieve it.

If functioning and mobility become difficult, Catholic Healthcare can design a personal care plan that will assist you to continue doing the things you enjoy while maintaining your independence. We’re also here to assist with pain management, rest and recreation, all of which enrich the experience of an independent lifestyle. 


Our Residential Aged Care Locations

With services in more than 40 locations across New South Wales and South East Queensland, you can be sure there is a Catholic Healthcare home nearby. Use our map below to find a facility in your area.

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Here to Help

We tailor care and home packages to your immediate needs.

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Types of Care

Our staff are trained to provide different types of care.

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Securing your place

Selecting your new home should be simple and worry-free - follow our five steps to help you secure your place.

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Cost of Care and Accommodation

It's important to understand the different fees and charges before signing up to any aged care services

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Residential Aged Care in South West Sydney

Catholic Healthcare offers a range of residential aged care services across the Inner West and South West Sydney where we warmly welcome people from all backgrounds to join our friendly communities.

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