Staying healthy

Eating well and exercising is important for good health.

Our qualified health coaches can help you achieve your health and exercise goals by offering advice on healthy eating, providing assistance with meal preparation and guiding you in the right direction with exercise.

If you're looking for local exercise groups or stress-relieving activities, we can help locate services in your area that will give you the best results. We can also arrange fitness assessments and exercise programs to meet your needs.

Elderly men with weights

Being active

Maintaining a level of activity that you are comfortable with will help you maintain your independence and keep you on track for optimum health and wellbeing.

People doing yoga

Healthy mind and spirit

Taking care of your internal and mental well being

Having good emotional, spiritual and mental well being is intrinsic to an individuals health and wellness and results in an individual feeling positive about their life and themselves. There are times where life events and stress can interfere with feeling positive which may be short lived or manifest into a more serious concern. We can assist with providing a range of options to help your particular concern.


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Healthy eating and drinking

Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet is essential to maintaining your health.

To ensure you remain physically fit for as long as possible, Catholic Healthcare provides a number of options.

You may like to have a companion cook with you in the kitchen so meal preparation becomes fun again or you may wish to have your meals delivered to your home. Alternatively, you might like the opportunity to join others for a meal.

Catholic Healthcare’s team of health professionals can provide you with all the advice and guidance on nutrition and diet you need. 


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Allied health assessments and support

As you get older, it is important that you receive a holistic approach to your health needs.

As you get older, it is important that you and your health care team take a holistic approach to your health and wellness. Catholic Healthcare’s Allied Health and Therapy Services team focuses on restoring, improving or maintaining your health, wellbeing and independence through a range of different evidence based activities and programs. 

At Catholic Healthcare, our range of Allied Health and Therapy Services includes podiatry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, counselling, speech pathology, exercise physiology and nutritional advice. 

The focus of these services is to regain or maintain physical, functional and cognitive abilities, which support you to either maintain or recover a level of independence allowing you to remain living in the community and avoid hospital where possible.





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