Staying connected

We help you stay connected to your community and social network.

Being part of a community and a social network while you continue to live at home is an important factor for your wellbeing.

Our services are focused on building a sense of togetherness and keeping you connected to your community, your friends and your family.

Whether this is through participating in social activities, social support groups or using technology to connect with loved ones, increasing your mobility to get you out and about, our services are here to connect you with others you want to spend time with.

We also provide services for people who find social interactions a daunting experience. Our staff can be companions through these situations.

Women colouring in together

Social support

Social isolation is a real and prominent risk to vulnerable people in our community, particularly older people and people with disability. Those people who have difficulty accessing the community may need a little extra help to maintain social contacts or may just want the comfort of knowing that someone is 'popping in' to spend some time with them.

That’s why Catholic Healthcare offers assistance to ensure you continue to take part in meaningful and enjoyable social activities that suit your needs, interests and abilities.

We understand that social interaction can be a difficult and daunting experience for some and your carer will encourage and support you as you take part in social and community activities. 

Support groups are available through Catholic Healthcare which foster a sense of belonging by supporting people through life’s challenges, joys and sorrows. Support groups assist in a range of important aspects including your basic nutritional, exercise and recreational needs. 

We also organise group outings, where light refreshments, as well as a full lunch, transport to and from the venue are provided.

Our companions and fellow residents can be a friendly face, a shoulder to lean on and a friend to have fun with. 

Social support services we provide include:

  • Visiting; share a cup of tea, a chat or an activity
  • Outings and day trips
  • Home and meal assistance
  • Accompanying to appointments
  • Support to attend social functions and clubs
  • Community Access - assistance to research, join and participate in activities available in the local community.
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Technology support at catholic healthcare

Technology support

Today, technology makes connecting with people so much easier by using the right equipment and supportive technologies.

Catholic Healthcare will help you to select what you need to continue living an independent life, connected to the outside world.

Equipment may be provided through loan or purchase and we will assist you in setting up, problem solve issues and establish the right connections for you.


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Telephone check-in

People living at home alone can often feel unsafe or lonely, particularly if it is hard to get out and about. A daily telephone call from a volunteer to check in to ensure that everything is fine is a service we can provide to people in need.

Teaser Pastoral care

Pastoral care

In addition to our specialised in home and community care services, we provide dedicated pastoral care coordinators who offer guidance and spiritual comfort in times of loss or grief, and during stressful and difficult times.

Our pastoral care coordinators provide guidance and assistance to anyone who needs it regardless of backgrounds, faiths or belief systems. They focus on providing guidance for the mind, body and spirit and understand that nurturing these elements are an important part of a person’s wellbeing.      

Our care and services are underpinned by our values and our pastoral care services focus on healing, reconciling, guiding and sustaining the soul.

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teaser transport options

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