Home help and garden services

A helping hand around the home can make a world of difference.

Running your household, making minor repairs and presenting your garden the way you would like can become difficult to juggle later in life. A trusted, reliable home maintenance service can put your mind at ease and get the job done the way you want. Our staff are skilled and come equipped with cleaning supplies, including a vacuum on request.

For more information on the wide range of services available, call our Customer Service Centre on 1800 225 474.

Carer helping with shopping

Shopping options

Doing the shopping, finding clothes and preparing the food you like is essential to your sense of self expression and individuality. It can also be an enjoyable experience shared with family and friends.

Sometimes getting to the shops, carrying groceries and controlling wayward trolleys around the supermarket can be challenging.

Our staff are ready and able to lend a hand with the shopping, whether it's assisted or with a list, and will get you to and from your favourite stores.

If you prefer to stay home and have your groceries delivered to you, our staff can assist you with online shopping, ensuring you get the nutrition you need to stay happy and healthy. 

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Group eating meal

Meal preparation and cooking

Knowing what food to buy and how best to prepare healthy meals is an important part of maintaining your health and wellbeing. For many people, the effort to prepare ingredients, cook and clean may prove to be difficult to manage.

If you or someone you care for isn't eating as well as they should, Catholic Healthcare can assist. We have a home visiting dietician on our team who is able to arrange a meal plan for you that is customized for your needs. Or, if you simply need a little help to heat up a meal our friendly and experienced staff can also help.

Meal preparation services we provide include:

  • Dietician Assessments and Consultations
  • Cooking
  • Shopping - either assisted or with a list
  • Heating up a prepared meal
  • Washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen
  • Preparing multiple meals and freezing them for later
  • Monitoring food expiry dates
  • Company whilst eating
  • Support and assistance with transport to eat out
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Carer ironing for woman

Home and domestic assistance

Catholic Healthcare’s services can take on those chores that get in the way, like washing your windows, changing bed linen, washing, drying and doing essential ironing, cleaning your home and grooming your pets.

If you need equipment to get the job done we can work with you and arrange hiring of equipment to keep you on top of your home maintenance and ensure everything is moving smoothly.

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Lady happy gardening

Garden maintenance

A well-kept garden can be your pride and joy, creating seasonal colour and adding to your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Catholic Healthcare can provide assistance with a range of garden maintenance services such as lawn mowing, edging, rubbish removal and general gardening. 

Make your to-do list more manageable so you have more time to get out and do more of the things you enjoy. 

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Related Services

Chicks stretching

Staying healthy

Eating well and exercising is important for good health.

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teaser transport options

Transport options

Living independently means being able to get out and about.

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Medication prompting teaser

Medical and personal services

Looking after yourself can become difficult later in life. Day-to-day living, self medication and taking care of personal hygiene can become challenging at times, particularly if your mobility is restricted or you're recovering from surgery or an injury. Catholic Healthcare can help make can make these things a little bit easier by assisting with personal care needs such as bathing, showering, shaving and dressing. Our personal care services can help restore your sense of self-confidence and independence.

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