Care coordination

A coordinated approach to care ensures all your needs are met.

case management

Case management

Each client is unique and everyone has different care needs.

Our client-centered approach to healthcare ensures that the needs of each individual are met through productive case management.

We offer Case Management to provide a personalised central point of contact for your individual needs. Our case management cost includes but is not limited to:

  • Coordinating all of your chosen service providers
  • Ongoing monitoring and informal reviews
  • Budget management and reconciliation

We listen to your goals, motivations, interests and personal preferences to help you make informed choices about the services and assistance you would like to receive as you move forward.  


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Financial and budget support

Financial and budget support

Keeping track of your finances.

Clients who are in receipt of ‘a package of care with an allocated budget from the government’ are eligible to receive support to manage their income and expenditure and receive monthly statements.

This ensures clients know exactly how much money they have been provided with to allocate to care and equipment. 

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